Celebrity Light Fixtures

Here's a list of celebrities that we featured: 

  1. Aaron Paul - Rustic Cabin
  2. Kendall Jenner - Modern Contemporary Home
  3. Robert Downey Jr. - Windmill Home
  4. Jessica Alba - Farmhouse home
  5. Demi Lovato - Modern Farmhouse

We were able to get this content through Architecture Digest. To see there work, head here: https://www.youtube.com/@Archdigest

Now let's checkout Aaron Paul's Rustic Cabin: 

Aaron Paul's Rustic Cabin

I believe this is a guest house but the style was kept through the whole home. As you can see he went with the traditional Lodge Cabin. This is a beautiful style especially for backwoods cabins as it pairs perfectly with the elements. 

The square design of the fixture complements the rectangular and jagged edges of the home. Along with the rustic feel of a 1900s fixture. We feel this fixture would be comparable to the ones used on Aaron's home. Federal Brass and Copper Fixture


Kendall Jenner - Contemporary Home

Kendall Jenner's Contemporary Home

Kendall's home uses a combination of styles from Greek and Roman pillars to mediterranean sleekness.  We can get a glimpse at the light fixture she uses to brighten her backyard under the pergola. 

A comparable light fixture to ours would be the Medium Sized Lantern Wall Sconce. This contemporary styled fixture matches the flow of the home aligning with the mixture of styles. 


Robert Downey Jr. - Windmill Home

Robert Downey Jr. Windmill Home

This was the best angle we were able to find of this light fixture, so bare with us. Also, please enjoy the Downey's and their frankenstein lawn decor they are looking at in the photo! 

Yes they do live in a 19th century windmill so the fixture style will be unique. It looks to be a flush mount wall sconce. The closest we could find to the one in the photo would be our Contemporary Medium Sized Wall Sconce. They selected a great fixture for entrances. This fixture provides a good dispersion of light that will welcome guests at night but also complement the home during the day. 


Jessica Alba - Farmhouse Home

Jessica Alba Farmhouse Home

I'm in love with this home. We think she has done a wonderful job of taking the farmhouse design and elements and integrating it with modern materials.

She has quite the dispersion of light fixture throughout the back of the home. This was done create an eloquent feel and directing people to doorways to allow easy movement in and out of the home. The fixture that would closely resemble to ours would be the Rustic Medium Wall Sconce.  


Demi Lovato - Modern Farmhouse

Demi Lovato's House

Here we get a snapshot of her pool and what fixtures she uses to brightup her backyard. She uses the fixtures not only to illuminate a doorway but also for the deck space. This space is leaning more towards the modern side with the light fixtures which we thought it had a contemporary finish. One of our Large Outdoor Wall Sconce would add a similar feel. 

These are just a few celebrity home but we hope it inspired you!